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Sales Manager - Food & Beverage industry


Sales manager will define, articulate and implement the company strategy for selling products or services, regionally and globally. You will work closely with the GM and head of sales to strategically create a sales plan and the outreach. You will be given a sales target and commissions will be granted when targets are reached.


Job Description:

Revenue Operations, sales operations, and strategy

  • Develop client business and marketing plans
  • Incorporate the new opportunities in the work pipeline
  • Analyse the customer base to establish a common approach to retention and growth


Business Intelligence

  • Working with the production team, develop and manage a portfolio of products that be suitable for corporate clients in Singapore and Overseas
  • Undertake key research to understand the business and project drivers of sectors, customers and potential opportunities


Client Relationships

  • Build on an already established network of contacts and clients across company portfolio to bring opportunities into the business that can be converted
  • Be able to both take the lead on client relationships, but equally introduce the other team members and ensure a robust client relationships management strategy/delivery
  • Engage with sectors and customers to anticipate potential business opportunities and implement actions that will position the company with a differentiated advantage
  • Ensure effective management of customer satisfaction surveys
  • Prepare programmes of external communication, customer engagement and brand promotion that will contribute to the achievement of the company objectives


Key Network and Events

  • Organise and represent JWO at key networking events to raise the company profile
  • Facilitate client targets events in order to nurture client relationships and translate into real opportunities


Key Measures and Targets

  • Market intelligence reports to be regularly updated to track targets
  • Client engagement numbers against opportunities converted
  • New clients introduced to JWO
  • Customer satisfaction undertaken and feedback to be reported quarterly to the General Manager



  • Experience in building commercial relationships to help deliver improved service and innovation to the customer
  • Existing network of contacts within the Food & Beverage industry in Asia
  • Detailed knowledge of marketing and business development
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English. Japanese, Chinese and Korean would be appreciated
  • Ability to seek and develop new relationships to achieve strategic business objectives
  • Ability to convert client relationships into opportunities for the business
  • Create a culture of constructive and effective communication
  • Communicate with management and conviction in all situations with all levels of staff / client organisations
  • Ability to contribute to development of strategy and take responsibility for delivering strategic objectives
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of different teams both internally and externally


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