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Fund Manager

Set up and maintenance of open-ended fund

Fund Management


 Direct Client Investment Activities

  • Responsible for Macro-economic research of main economies, monitoring investment market movement, transaction and conduct timely critical analysis on global aspects.
  • Directing client investment activities for stocks, bonds, and securities within a particular fund.
  • Conducting timely critical analysis to determine which securities provide the greatest return on investment and mitigate client risk. 

Provide Investment Advice

  • Basing on investment objectives and performance, to identify investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, portfolios, or other securities / assets and providing strategic asset allocation suggestions to Clients to maximize investment returns.
  • Providing investment and financial management advice to clients and other financial professionals.
  • Developing reports for potential clients and identifying clients and companies who may make good fits as clients. 

Monitor Fund Performance

  • Timely monitor the performance of the funds that they manage.
  • Conduct weekly meetings if required to assess fund performance and identify shortcomings, developing strategies to offset losses and drive profitability. 

Complete Financial Transactions

  • Review & sign-off of NAV calculations, financial statements, and associate reports
  • Completing financial transactions on behalf of their clients and the funds they manage.
  • Weighing the risks and benefits of each transaction, determining whether they fit into the fund’s strategies and deliver value to clients.
  • Maintain Portfolio Records
  • Maintain records and documentation related to investments and transactions.
  • Develop weekly (if required), quarterly, or annual reports on fund performance, along with reports of their activities related to managing the fund.
  • Preparing documents related to their funds to distribute to clients.

 Ensure Adherence to Financial Regulations

  • Ensure all investment activities adhere to financial industry regulations, conducting audits to prevent fraud and mitigate the risk unnecessarily for Clients.
  • Submit documents and reports to oversight bodies or appear before regulators to explain decisions they make regarding fund management.
  • Any other duties as and where required by the Management.


  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Financing / Banking or equivalent or with CFA/CAIA.
  • Min 3 -5 years of solid investment research and appointed as representative to conduct regulated financial activities.
  • Customer oriented service skills and attitude since this position need to work closely with clients to understand their goals and make financial decisions that support both long- and short-term investment objectives.
  • Strong knowledge and thoroughly understand MAS regulations and procedures to ensure legal and sound decisions for the Clients.
  • Good written skills in crafting and editing financial documents such as disclosures and reports.
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin is preferred.

Interested candidates may send their CV to Jaslyn (Reg No: R2091242 ) at quoting the job title in the Subject line. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.