About Us


Leading Executive Recruitment Search for the APAC region

Anchor Search comprises of leading IT and Banking sector recruitment specialists for the APAC region. Every Anchor Search recruitment consultant has ten years experience as a minimum. Our scope is to recruit locally and globally, and we have a talent pool which exceeds 40,000 candidates in the IT and banking sectors.

Established in 2014 our aim is to fulfil a gap in the recruitment market. Drawing upon our vast experience, we create long term business relationships with our clients, which is why we are considered to be the “leading Executive search” for IT recruitment in the APAC region.


Understanding the IT and Banking Recruitment Sector

Over the years, experience has taught us the key to good executive recruitment placing is to understand the needs of the industry and local market. As such, we have become specialists in the following industries:

Information Technology and Telecommunication
Our executive recruitment consultants understand the function and needs of APAC based organizations in the IT and telecommunication field. As such, we are recognized as:

  • The proven Executive Placement’s Team for Technology market for APAC
  • Being pivotal in the growth and success for key IT Network and Security MNC for the APAC region through the supply of quality candidates for key executive positions.

Familiar with all aspects of IT and telecommunication, our consultants will provide the best candidates for your vacant position.


Banking and Finance (Front/Middle/Back Office)

The banking and finance sector has vast and diverse roles. As with IT, we have worked hard to amass a vast and diverse network of contacts in this sector. Currently we have six thousand overseas contacts, and a total number of contacts totalling forty thousand.

We have specialists in front, middle, and back office banking among our contacts.

To find banking and finance candidates, our recruitment consultants will:

  • Use their ten years plus executive recruitment to screen and find the best candidates both locally and globally.
  • Ensure that every candidate has relevant achievements, experience, and skills before they are submitted to you
  • Have experience at working in banking and finance in the APAC sector, or are ready to take on the challenge


Functional Roles (All Industries)

It is not just IT and Banking sectors where we can find good people for your organization. Our recruitment expertise includes functional roles such as marketing, accounting, and production. Regardless of your requirements, we can provide the essential personnel to make your organization stronger and a success.

For all positions candidates are rigorously screened before they are presented to you. When you receive a candidate from us, they will be ready to make a positive contribution to your business.

We have brought our collective experience to put together a comprehensive network of executive contacts to fulfil your positions in the APAC region. Our teams are industry focused headed by a team leader. This ensures our recruitment techniques are specific to certain industries and as such we can identify the right talent for your organization.

We find specialized people quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.