How we find the Best Talent for Your Business

Over the years we have worked on our methodology to fine tune and hone it. What we have discovered is through closely identifying the achievements, skills, and abilities you require from the candidate, we can then sift through our forty thousand strong networks of contacts to find the perfect talent for your organization.


Our Process


1. Pre-Phase

This is the initial phase where we identify your requirements, and sift through out talent pool to find the best.

Assigned scoping with client – Our recruiter works with you to identify the skills and experience you need in the candidate. The appointed recruiter will be your point of contact for all communication.

Revised best sourcing strategy – We use several strategies to find the best talent. Often, it is dependent upon the type of role you are looking to fulfil. We draw upon vast industry resources and talent pools.

Identify the talent – At this stage we start to screen out unsuitable candidates to be left with a short list.


2. Conceive and Engage

CV/Resumes – At this point we are ready to start going through CV/Resumes to identify the best of the best for your vacant position

Reference/background check and pre interview – From the candidates who are lucky enough to make it this far, we ensure they are genuine by checking references and work history. Providing they pass this test they are then interviewed by us to ensure they can perform the role you are looking to fulfil.

Profiling of shortlisted candidates – We present the shortlisted candidates to you for the interview and or selection.


3. Execution and Delivery

Offer – Once you make a formal offer to a candidate we keep in contact with you and the candidate to ensure clear two way communication. You need to know when you can expect to fulfil your vacancy, and through keeping communication open we can keep you informed of all updates.

Follow up – Once the candidate has formally accepted your offer, we ensure that the transition to your company is seamless. We operate a best in class service in this regard.

The talent is out there waiting to be found. We can find it for you. Get in touch today to discuss the talent your organization needs.