Advertised Selection

As well as outstanding executive recruitment services for the APAC region, we can also offer you facilities to advertize your vacancies. We not only advertize your vacancies on site, but also other high traffic media platforms to attract the attention of millions of job seekers around the world.

The advantages of using our Advertized Selection are:

  • You can keep your organization anonymous. This facilitates the recruitment of private or confidential roles
  • You can advertize the position globally. Our expertise ensures your vacant position is seen by as many people as possible
  • You can save time on promoting the job vacancy through conventional channels by outsourcing it to us

The key to attracting the best talent is to make the job description enticing. If you are an established player in your industry, putting your brand in the job description is also advised.

To advertize your vacant roles contact us today and speak to one of our representatives. Let us do the hard work for you. Email, or call +65 6908 0941.