Retained Search


Retained Search -IT and Banking Professionals

Our retained search services involve our consultants working closely with you to find the best candidates for your vacancies. This service ensures that the job requirements are met perfectly by each candidate that steps through the door for an interview.

To find the best candidates using our retained search service, we:

  • Determine your requirements in detail
  • Use a holistic, 360 degree method to find the best talent for your vacant role. We use our network of contacts and headhunters to find the best of the best both locally and overseas. Other techniques we use include data mining and pursuing recommended candidates for your position.
  • Operate on a complete confidentiality basis
  • Select candidates on a perfect match basis. This is determined by the requirements of the vacancy matching the achievements, experience and skills of the candidates.
  • Select several candidates with the relevant qualities for you to choose.
  • Ensure certificates, pay slips, and job history are verified for accuracy
  • Interview the candidates to ensure suitability before they are presented to you
  • Present candidates who have experience  working in the APAC sector, or are ready for the challenge

As well as saving you time and money on going through the selection and security checks process, the retainer search service is an ideal option if you require specialized talent with specific experience.

To discuss your requirements email, or call +65 6908 0941. It is time to fulfil your vacant positions.